A new era of energy production


Japan needs energy. The problem is, some 90 percent of its current energy sources must be imported. In recent years, its increasing dependence on fossil fuels has also meant an increase in CO2 emissions, something the Japanese government is eager to improve.

The fact is, though, that Japan has a vast source of energy—geothermal heat power. This volcanic chain of islands, some experts say, is the third-largest reserve of geothermal heat power in the world. Use of that energy, though, is largely limited to the natural hot spring resorts that are scattered all across Japan.

The problem has been that traditional geothermal heat power generation has needed very hot water—over 180°C—in order to turn turbines. To get down to water that hot, very deep drilling is normally required. That drilling is expensive, amounting to about half of the development costs.

Baseload Power, however, has found a better way.


Baseload Power approaches geothermal heat power in a whole new way: use cooler water and don’t drill so deep, which cut costs dramatically.

The unique technologies of Climeon of Sweden mean that we can turn low-temperature heat—water at 70° to 120°C—into electricity. It’s an energy source that doesn’t need deep drilling to access, and it’s one available across Japan.

Climeon’s compact heat power generating units take that hot water, add cold water and use the temperature difference to generate clean energy. The technology is low-pressure compared to traditional generation units, meaning higher reliability and lower costs. Depending on demand, new units—which are far smaller than existing geothermal heat power generation infrastructure—can be added or even moved to different locations.

The result is renewable, green energy production systems with minimal environmental impact—no emissions, minimal infrastructure or visual impact. And while Climeon’s technology is the most advanced in the world today, we are always looking for the best possible solutions for efficient geothermal heat power generation.

Baseload Power's Business

Baseload Power is entering the Japanese power industry, with plans to actually begin generating electricity and sell it to the Japanese power grid during 2019. We are in the process of acquiring suitable sites in the country where the next projects can begin.

Because of the unique technology used, and the reduced costs both in easier drilling to the energy source and the efficient, economical power generation modules, we can see revenue generation almost immediately after going online.

We have already secured considerable investment, including green investment, for our business in Japan. This investment continues to grow as we now expand our staff and our project base.


We have an exciting technology that we can’t wait to put to work generating energy in Japan. We’re going to need people with the same kind of drive and excitement that we have in making genuine renewable energy possible.

Our workplace will be demanding, even exhilarating, but we also draw on our Scandinavian roots for a way of life very different from that of other energy producers. Expect opportunities for personal growth and enrichment beyond the office. We want to build a strong team where every individual counts.

Join us in helping shape Japan’s renewable energy.

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