Baseload Power Japan visit the Embassy of Iceland

March 21, 2024

Iceland's energy portfolio is ​​almost 100% renewable energy, of which over 20% is geothermal power. Also, the country has a 100-year history of utilizing geothermal energy, where 90% of household heating is provided by geothermal heat.

Baseload Power Japan recently has the honor to visit the Embassy of Iceland and engage in insightful discussions regarding Japan's geothermal industry with Ms Halla Hrund Logadóttir, Director General of Iceland's National Energy Authority, as well as his Excellency Ambassador Stefán Haukur Jóhannesson and Commissioner General Mr Ragnar Thorvardarson.

Collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors in Iceland led to the expansion of geothermal energy, offering valuable insights for Japan. Japan possesses the third-largest potential of geothermal resources globally but also faces unique challenges, including limited land availability, dense population, and local acceptance. However, the public-private collaborative experience in Iceland can serve as a good example for the Japanese market to further develop its geothermal potential.

The recent cooperation agreement between Japan and Iceland aims at bolstering the introduction of geothermal power generation, underscoring a shared commitment to sustainable energy. Baseload Power Iceland currently operates two power plants in Iceland and has a third project underway. In Japan, our team are also striving for geothermal development and looking forward to connecting our global know-how and experience to the community and industry in Japan.


The Ambassador of Japan to Iceland visit BPJ office

We are delighted to have the honor of hosting Mr. Ryotaro Suzuki, the Ambassador of Japan to Iceland, at our Tokyo office.

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