Passing On Knowledge of Geothermal to the Next Generation in Naruko Hot Spring Village

October 21, 2022

On September 9, Baseload Power Japan assisted in a lecture about geothermal power, held by the NPO “Spatto Naruko Hot Spring Natural Energy”. The NPO, active in Miyagi Prefecture, regularly hold classes about renewable energy for the town’s school students. Through initiatives like this, we wish to inspire the younger generation by spreading the attractiveness of geothermal energy.

With the conviction that “Local Production for Local Consumption” is an important part of securing stable energy supply, and with a mission to use natural energy to revitalize the communities, the NPO was founded back in 2014. Since then, it has regularly arranged lectures relating to “Carbon Neutrality and Renewable Energy”. Last month, the theme was geothermal power – a lecture in which Baseload Power Japan where happy to share our knowledge. The children got to experience a mix of classroom learning, electricity generating experiments, and a field trip to a hot spring well. They were all fascinated to learn about the amazing power source existing right where they live.

Naruko Hot Springs Village consists of five different hot springs spots, all with their own special features. In the village, famous in Japan as a 1000-year-old hot spring resort, one can find both the Naruko Hot Spring Binary Power Plant and the flash-type Onikōbe Geothermal Power Plant. Baseload Power Japan is also paying a lot of attention to the village as an area with high geothermal potential. From the wish to get even more people to understand the attractiveness of geothermal energy, and to contribute to the communities through this incredible power source, we will continue supporting these locally initiated programs for social action to the best of our ability.

Using local geothermal power to empower local communities. That is a vision shared by all of us in the Baseload Group.


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